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heart full of heat does no good. anger burns, but it isn’t fuel.

Dean’s methods of dealing with his problemss I 


What has it been like playing this darker version of Dean (in season 9)?

Personally it’s been fun. To be honest, from the very beginning of the series, I always enjoyed Dean’s comedic aspects and the humor in which he was portrayed, and whenever the situation got heavy or emotional, there was always a bit of levity that Dean was able to bring to the situation. And I really feel like he’s been stripped of all that this year. He’s going through something that he hasn’t had to deal with before. It’s heavy, and he’s not able to find that lighter side in himself. As an actor, personally, after playing the character so much, to not being able to lighten it up, it’s new territory. It’s been dark in Dean’s world for a while, and I’m hoping that someone will open up a window soon. (x)


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ROADTRIP: Vancouver, Supernatural set visit (April 21st)

It was our last day in Vancouver and we had completely given up hope of catching any Supernatural filming. So, on Monday morning, as we were visiting their previous filming locations in the Delta area (where many parts of the show were filmed, such as the crossroad scenes, Roadhouse exteriors and the gas station bit where Castiel first speaks to Dean), we accidentally bumped into a location sign.. 

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Supernatural in Infographics: Seasons 1-8 (click to enlarge)



Did William Shatner just ask Hank Green to be on his GISHWES team?

He did, and I really don’t know how to feel about it. Like…he’s William Shatner…does he really need /my/ help?

They say before you start a war,

you better know what you’re fighting for.

I’m an angel with a shotgun.



deanwearslacepanties said: Prompt: Dean is an actor for some action movie and is really proud of his ability to work in high-stress conditions despite his Omega status. His Heat is triggered, however, by the key-grip Castiel (I like the idea of your true mate being able to override Heat suppressants), who takes him back to his trailer and fucks him good :) ~stay awesome

Dean couldn’t hold back the pleased smile when he nailed the shot and the director commented on how it was perfect. He felt lighter every single time he showed that his Omega status wasn’t a hindrance and that he was above such ridiculous things as stereotypes. Dean felt accomplished and he hadn’t been able to turn down his opportunity.

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