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I sought my soul, but my soul I could not see. I sought my God, but my God eluded me. I sought my brother and I found all three.

Anonymous said: Just wondering if we should be expecting any prompts tonight? I totally understand if not, I know you've been busy & depending on where you live it might be pretty late I'm just doing homework and wondering if I should check every once & a while.

No I won’t be writing any prompts tonight. It is actually late for me and I have class early in the morning.

But I will be writing mpreg monday prompts (I have a couple of them in my ask…umm three? I’d have to check to be sure).

However I don’t have any plans on writing any since I’ve been busy all day and I don’t plan on being on very much longer.

Anonymous said: Hope your Easter was fantastical!

It was, thank you! Hope yours was as well.


Anonymous said: Just out of curiosity which prompt would you say is most popular, like based on the days of the week themes?

Oh you mean which theme day do I get the most prompts for? Is that what you mean?

Right now it is Threesome Thursday (theme day wise) but if I looked through all the prompts I do get… there are a lot that don’t work for a theme day so Free For All gets a bunch.

But it can change just as easily from week to week depending.

Anonymous said: Well I'm happy you had a good weekend!!! I've just been rereading old fics all weekend! <3

Thank you! I wasn’t in the apartment much at all but that was nice.

Hope you’ve enjoyed them!!

Anonymous said: Glad to hear all is well, I was worried something had happened!

No it was just the holidays. Divided all my time between my boyfriend’s family and my own so I was on very sporadically.

Nothing bad happened!

Anonymous said: You're my all time favorite blogger and I love love love your blog and your writings and everything you post, it's always so awesome ! You're so awesome ! Hope you're enjoying your weekend ! :)

This is…I’m so stunned at this message. I sat here and stared at it, honestly, when I first saw it. I’m your favorite blogger? That’s just so insane and amazing and THANK YOU! Wow. This whole message from start to finish was incredibly sweet and kind and lovely so thank you for that. I hope you had an amazing weekend yourself.

This put a smile on my face <3